Accelerate your Battery Testing using Cutting-Edge Technologies

What's wrong with battery testing?

Battery testing is outdated. Energy Storage Companies are spending lots of money and time creating testing plans, running experiments, and analyzing data in order to understand battery behavior in the real world. However, current techniques are proving to be inefficient and costly.

What We Do

Accelerate battery testing using Machine Learning

dox platform

Cycle Extraction & Summary

Upload your battery measurements and access useful insights regarding your battery performance and degradation.

Anomaly Detection

Spot wrong sensor readings, gaps in data collection, abnormal battery behavior and other data anomalies.

Predictive Experiment

Predict the lifetime battery capacity degradation given only the first 100 cycles of the battery using our Machine Learning algorithms.

Secure & Centralized Data Access

Access and share all your data anytime, anywhere, securely in a variety of formats.

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